What keeps you up at night?

What keeps Trend Micro’s VP of infrastructure, Bill Malik up at night?

September 5, 2022

Bill Malik helps clients achieve an effective information security posture spanning endpoints, networks, servers, cloud, and the Internet of Things. During his four-decade IT career, Bill Malik has worked as an application programmer with the John Hancock Insurance company; an OS developer, tester, and planner with IBM; a research director and manager at Gartner for the Information Security Strategies service and the Application Integration and Middleware service, and served as CTO of Waveset, an identity management vendor acquired by Sun. He ran his own consulting business providing information security, disaster recovery, identity management, and enterprise solution architecture services for clients including Motorola, AIG, and Silver Lake Partners. Bill has over 160 publications and has spoken at numerous events worldwide. Malik has spent the past 5 years at Trend Micro where he works as Vice President of infrastructure strategies.

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